Your Guide to Buying a Box Computer

Box Computers versus Desktops and Laptops

A box computer is an interesting combination that combines the power and versatility of a desktop PC with the portability of a laptop. All-in-one systems are not really designed to be used during travel, as they require a connection to an electrical outlet and do not have a battery. However, they are far easier to move than a traditional desktop computer, as they can simply be unplugged and moved wherever needed. A desktop computer has to be disassembled in most cases, with at least the tower and monitor having to be moved.

Many box computers are actually built with handles molded into their cases to make moving them easier. However, for those who worry that these machines have the same limitations as laptops, there’s little to worry about. Laptops are often designed with lower performance specifications because of the concern for the battery. Box computers do not have this drawback, as they are designed to be plugged into a wall. That means these machines can offer the same performance as a desktop PC.

Finally, most box computers feature one technology not found with many laptops or desktops – touchscreen technology. Like tablet computers, most box computers have a touchscreen that allows users to open files, make changes and navigate the OS just like they were using mouse by using finger motions directly on the computer monitor’s screen.